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« Here is a small selection of what you can do in our beautiful region …! »

Whether for its gastronomic heritage, its natural environment or for the many activities on offer, the Ain region is full of treasures to be discovered and shared…with family or friends. Expect to live unforgettable moments and leave with a head full of memories.

Here is a short video tour of our beautiful region




Visit Perouges

This is the medieval city not to be missed… What could be more pleasant than strolling through these cobbled streets? Your children are sure to love the mythical “galette de Pérouges”…

And why not take advantage of this visit to also test the creation of handmade paper? Unusual activity guaranteed! Making a drawing on your own handmade paper is a real treat! What’s more, at the Plages de l’Ain campsite, they teach us how to paint, every week all summer long for free! So, young creative spirit, are you ready to indulge yourself?

Pérouges is 11 km from the campsite and 10 minutes by car.

More infos : www.perouges.org and www.papier-artisanal.com



Visit Crémieu

15 minutes from the campsite, visit another medieval town and discover the Cremolans. It’s a real favourite for me because this big village is full of life. It’s nice to stroll in the summer in the narrow streets which know how to keep cool. You won’t fail to visit the Halles, the cloisters or the Ursuline convent. Go with the tour guides who will make you love this city which was a centre of the grain trade between Savoy, Italy and Switzerland in the 16th century. Finish your visit by visiting the former church of the 18th century Ursuline convent and taste one of the 9 beers brewed by Olivier.

In September for a weekend, the Medievals bring the town to life in the time of the capes and sword, a must …


Via Rhôna


Enjoy the Via-Rhôna

Get on your bike and let yourself be guided on this dedicated cycle path which will take you to the buggy vineyards in particular! You can find the Via-Rhôna at the Pont de Jons and cycle to Lyon along the Rhône. From the campsite, access is easy to Pont de Jons . It is a quiet road through the fields and the Valbonne military camp which will gradually lead you to the Via-Rhôna. A change of scenery guaranteed!

The Via Rhôna is 10 km from the campsite.

Discover the itineraries on : www.viarhona.com

Caves of La Balme


Visit the caves of La Balme

I celebrated a friend’s birthday 20 years ago y. The site had marked me… especially since the spirit of Mandrin still floats in this cave with its many labyrinths.
It delights all the children and its coolness in the summer makes it possible to spend a beautiful afternoon before diving into the campsite’s swimming pool. Don’t miss a visit to the glassblower as you leave the cave.

Back at the campsite Les Plages de l’Ain, you will keep the spirit of Mandrin while riding the ponies.

The Caves of La Balme are 20 km from the campsite and 20 minutes by car.




Discover the Glandieu waterfall

Located in the commune of Brégnier-Cordon, this waterfall is surprisingly high (60 metres).

A nearby lake with free access will allow you to refresh yourself in the heart of summer.

The Glandieu waterfall is 50 km from the campsite and 45 minutes by car.

The Glandieu waterfall is 50 km from the campsite and 45 minutes by car.
For a “splash”, it’s this way: www.ain-tourisme.com

Villars-les-Dombes Bird Park


Marvel at the Villars-les-Dombes Bird Park

The promise of a trip around the world…just a stone’s throw from the campsite!

You will travel to various continents with some of the most faithful reconstructions, while staying in the heart of the Dombes and its giant pond in the middle of the park.

A visit to the bird park is the guarantee of an encounter with 3,000 birds of 300 different species on 35 hectares. For example, you will see the cousins of Blue, the hero of the famous Rio cartoon, or birds of prey.

Your children will love to feed the lorises, who will taste the fruity nectar, climb to the top of the panoramic tower (50 metres) to get within reach of the birds or even see kangaroos….

The ornithological park of Villars-les-Dombes is 29 km from the campsite and 35 minutes by car.
Don’t wait any longer : book your tickets in advance and save 1 euro per ticket ! Immediate boarding here:


Walibi Park


Plan your magical and emotional day at the Walibi Park

With 465,000 visitors, this is the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region’s amusement park not to be missed!

Every year, new activities bring new sensations. For 2018, the park is going to inaugurate a thematic area called “Festival City” with three attractions, one of which is a thrill ride.

The Walibi Park (Les Avenières) is 46 km from the campsite and 45 minutes by car.


« Plan a little getaway in Lyon and take advantage of all the richness of this unique city with its many faces ! »



Visit Lyon / Fourvière

From St Jean you can walk up the hill overlooking Lyon, which houses its basilica. A breathtaking view of the capital of the Gauls will bring your gaze to the Alps. If you don’t have the courage to climb, take “la Ficelle”, a funicular that will take you up some 120 metres without difficulty.

Fourvière is 35 km from the campsite and 45 minutes by car.



Visit Lyon / Confluence

The vaporetto can drop you off there. The new district inaugurated in 2014 is located on the Lyon peninsula. The Rhône and Saône rivers meet there, in a modern architectural setting. There is a museum and many shops.

Lyon Confluence is 44 km from the campsite and 50 minutes by car.

Old Lyon


Visit Old Lyon

Classified as a Unesco heritage site, you can easily walk through the traboules and stalls that take you back a few centuries. The three districts St Paul, St Jean, St Georges will make you discover the renaissance style. You will find many museums, including the miniature museum, Gadagne for puppets and the Automaton museum.

Old Lyon is 44 km from the campsite and 45 minutes by car.

The Quays of the Saône


Visit Lyon / The Quays of the Saône

Starting from Vaise, take the Vaporetto and walk along Old Lyon and Fourvière with a different look. You will admire the monuments such as St Jean’s cathedral or the former Law Courts with its 24 columns. You will cross 5 bridges to get to Confluence, the new modern district of Lyon.

The Quais de Saône is 38 km from the campsite and 35 minutes by car.

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